Educational Ideals

The Principal’s Educational Ideals

  • To enrich daily life training; to raise esthetic and creative ability; to cultivate magnanimity.
  • To strengthen language proficiency; to cultivate international views and worldwide views.
  • To cultivate self-respect, initiative, self-discipline, and self-esteeming.
  • To strengthen computer education; to cultivate information-processing ability to meet future need.
  • To help students learn how to live a good life; to love and respect their work; to develop a healthy outlook on life.
  • To beautify and afforest the campus; to cherish our environment.
  • To enrich educational equipments and facilities; to improve educational methods; to promote educational result.
  • To utilize social resources; to assist the development of the school.
  • To implement the goals of a complete high school; to bring the characteristics of the school into play.
  • To renovate administration; to upgrade administrative efficiency actively.