The Future School for Talents of Tomorrow

Taipei Municipal Datong High School

Brief Introduction

Taipei Municipal Datong High School was founded in 1935, at that time a private school, and was later taken over by the Taipei City government in 1950, reorganized as “Taipei Municipal Datong Secondary School”, with both lower and upper secondary education. With the implementation of the nine-year compulsory education, it was renamed “Taipei Municipal Datong Junior High School”, devoting itself to the development of the compulsory education. In 1992, Datong was once again reorganized as a junior/senior high school, now officially known as “Taipei Municipal Datong High School”.

With its solid foundation, Datong High School has always upheld its school motto: “Learn with Diligence, Cultivate one’s Characters, and Practice Universal Love” as well as promoting the school’s vision of “Nurturing Future Leaders and Cultivating Social Elites.” While evolving and progressing with the times, the school has further set its essential objectives to equip students with competence in humanities and arts, scientific and digital literacy, and social care and global perspectives.

Eighty golden years have passed since its establishment, and with the endeavor and foundation laid by successive principals of the school, Datong has cultivated numerous talented students, some outstanding alumni including:

     .Dr. Li, Teng-Hui (former President, ROC)

     .Dr. Henry Chang-yu Li (internationally renowned forensic science expert)

     .Dr. Chen, Shi-Chung (Minister, Ministry of Health and Welfare)

     .Dr. Kao, Chin-Hsung (Director-General of Sports Administration, Ministry of Education; former President, National Taiwan Sports University [NTSU])

     .Dr. Vincent Han-Sun Chiang (President, Fu Jen Catholic University)

.Dr. Der-Tsai Lee (Academician, Academia Sinica; former President, National Chung Hsing University)

.Dr. Lee, Ting-Kuo (Academician and Adjunct Research Fellow; former Director of Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica)

.Dr. Tsai-Yen Li (former Director, Department of Information and Technology Education, Ministry of Education; Professor, Computer Science Department, National Chengchi University)

.Dr. Liao Shiou-Ping (Taiwan’s “Father of Modern Printmaking”)

.Dr. Liu Yong (renowned writer)

.Dr. Mark Liu (Executive Chairman, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company [TSMC])

Currently, there are 69 classes in the school (48 classes in senior high school and 21 in junior high school), inclusive of several honors/specialized programs offered each academic year through special enrollment. In Datong senior high school, we offer the English Honors program, the Mathematics Honors program, and the IS & EE program (Information Science & Electrical Engineering). The Specialized Sports program is available to both senior and junior high school students.

The school occupies a campus of 63,332 square meters, second largest among the high schools in Taipei City, equipped with the first sky blue, 400-meter running track in Taipei City. The well-designed campus landscape, with its buildings being a fusion of traditional Chinese architecture and the classical Western European architectural style, was ranked as “Excellent” by the National Architects Association of R.O.C.

Covering the campus are lush banyan trees, which take on significance as a symbol of “generations sharing the same roots” and “longevity, fertility and prosperity.” These over 200 banyan trees are important assets to the teachers and students of Datong, symbolizing our alumni thriving and sending roots down from their branches into the ground, allowing them to spread for long distances like banyan trees. While the spacious and inviting campus helps foster students’ broad-mindedness and sound personality, the great facilities and experienced faculty members make Datong a high-quality academic-oriented high school with high college enrollment rates. Nearly a quarter of our graduates get admitted to prestigious universities in Taiwan, such as National Taiwan University and National Tsing Hua University, among others, and numerous are studying in internationally renowned universities like Duke University, University of California, University of York, Waseda University and University of Melbourne. Our junior high school has consistently had full enrollment, with almost 80 percent of graduates admitted to public high schools or vocational high schools. Proud of being a member of Datong high school, our students dub themselves “Children of the Banyan City.”

Mr. Chuang, Chih-Chun, the current principal of Datong, incorporates the learning-centered educational philosophy into all aspects of school affairs and projects. He leads our teachers to engage in research and innovative curriculum design, develop the school-based curriculum and diverse elective courses, as well as improving teachers’ professional development. We value the character development of our students and, through varieties of courses and activities, we cultivate their 5 core competences: Cultural Understanding, Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking and Collaboration. Also, with dedication to promoting international exchange opportunities, Datong has signed education cooperation agreements with many reputable schools around the world. With our well-established learning environment, students in our school lay a solid foundation for academic subjects, care about society, and develop international perspectives on global issues, and in turn, after graduating from high school, carve out a bright and promising future for themselves, and for Datong High School.